Currently Playing: Asura’s Wrath Demo

Asura’s Wrath is like playing God of War, but it seems that it’s more Japanese in mythology (not sure yet, haven’t done my research about the game). The game enters you into two missions(5 and 11 from what I remember), which puts you in the middle of a battle. This should give you an idea how to play it. Not like most games where it gives you a long tutorial to understand how it all goes.

I downloaded Asura’s Wrath Demo for the PS3 a couple of days ago. I really had no idea what to expect of it since I haven’t read anything about the game, except that it’s available. The game is made by CyberConnect2 which worked on games like Naruto. The game’s overall quality looks amazing. Controls are very responsive.

The action reminds me a lot of God of War’s “Quick Time Events”, since it requires a lot of timed button presses. Although it does give you enough room for errors, and you don’t feel like everything is reset once you make a mistake. As I said, it’s like God of War. So far, the experience is very promising. Although the 2 missions are too short for my taste, although it was so very good and exciting. I just don’t know what to expect from the actual game since it’s only the boss fights that you get to try.

Because the game relies a lot on QTE, the game feels very cinematic. It’s like watching an anime on adrenaline. This should be no surprise to gamers who’ve seen CyberConnect2’s previous works. There is rarely a dull moment in the demo and the view changes depending on what looks pretty good while at the same time being effective for gaming.

There are moments that you will see that you’ll have a little more freedom than most of the time you’re playing. These moments is where you can move around and make the moves yourself, but the demo doesn’t really justify it enough. I just hope that the actual game has more exploration than this demo offers.

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