I really don’t know what the US government is thinking about SOPA. This is what they call the “Stop Online Piracy Act”. I have no problems for controlling piracy, it’s good, I encourage it. But the problem with SOPA as it is right now is wrong. Because even a few things or even minute things can affect so many people. As it’s written now, if you like something like a game (like you are big fan of Megaman), you take a picture of Megaman from your game and cropped it to fit Facebook… it all goes downhill from there. Facebook could get shut down because of copywrite issues that they have no control whatsoever. Facebook always encourages people not to use copywrite images, but they can’t control people not to use it. Because of that, Facebook will not work inside and out of the US. Can you imagine that, with the world we live in now? No Facebook? Well, we do have Friendster, but that still cuts us off from a majority of the people around the world. I know a lot of us in the Philippines have relatives in the US. Also, bloggers like me would be affected. Just because we wanted to write something (like a game) can shut us down because we used images or quotes or anything related it. This is ridiculous.

At this time some sites have already showed their protest especially within the US. Google has a blocked logo. Wikipedia has a blocked spash page (which you can bypass by disabling Java). Some sites totally went down to join in the protest. The sites that shut down for the day is doing their best to join in the effort to stop SOPA from being a reality. Heck, even President Barak Obama said that he’s against this bill. So, we all try to do our part, even if we are not part of the US system, we will all be affected with this one way or another.

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