Phone Problem

This week has been a bother for what happened to my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy 5 (Android 2.1). For almost 3 days I didn’t have any signal from my network (Globe) and my battery was draining fast, I mean really fast like it only lasts half a day with a full charge.

First thing I tried to fix was the battery drain. I wondered if there was anything wrong or a program was eating it up, which I first presumed was NavDroyd as I did mention in my review. But as I removed almost all the programs, there was no change, it still drained quickly. So, I felt like I had no choice, I did a reset on the system, to format everything on it. But strangely, once everything was setup and I haven’t installed anything but my Google account, it still drained up my battery. I didn’t know what to do at this point, I thought the battery is about to die on me. So, I’ll solve the problem later.

Next thing I try to figure out is why I don’t get a signal from the Globe Network. I tried resetting the phone on a regular basis as I mentioned earlier, but it didn’t work. I now move my sim card to my wife’s phone and I was surprised that I got a sim error and it immediately shifted to emergency call. I switched it back to my phone and got the same response. I realized then that my sim has some kind of problem. The only thing I can do from this point is to get the sim replaced.

I went to Globe in SM Sucat. Got a customer service number and waited for like 20 minutes. Once my number was called, and told them my problem with the sim, they replaced it really quick without any charge (I suppose this is because I’m a post paid client). Once I got my sim, they told me to keep turning the phone on and off for like 30 minutes to an hour before the sim gets activated to get a signal. So I put in the sim and turned my phone on. Actually turned it on and off every few minutes, and there, I got a network signal again. I’m a happy man since I can call my wife again.

But at this time my battery was almost out of juice, since it doesn’t last a day. So I wen’t back home and fully charged the phone again. Although what I did notice is that the battery seems to be working fine, the battery drain was non existent. So I didn’t charge my phone as long as I can, and it lasted me almost 3 days without charging. It’s a far cry from the previous days where it only lasts less than half a day.

It seems that the sim was draining the battery. I suppose the reason for this is that it keeps trying to get a signal when it can’t which in turn drains up too much power. It’s like a netbook with a wifi turned on and keeps on looking for a signal drains faster than a netbook that has wifi turned on and a signal is already being used. But the phone is more drastic.

Now I’ve downloaded some of the software, trying to get it back as it was before, so far so good. I didn’t expect the sim replacement would have solved 2 of the problems, but I am happy that it worked out well.

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