Currently Tinkering: Hawk Backpack/Trolley with 18 inch laptop compartment


My brother just sent me laptop from the US which I received less than a week ago. The laptop didn’t come with a bag, so naturally, I needed to buy one that would fit it so I won’t worry how to protect it when travelling. I thought it was going to be an easy thing to find. All I needed was a bag. Here is were my quest started and ended up with a Hawk Backpack/Trolley.

I went to a few malls to look for a bag or sleeve for a laptop with a size of 17 by 11 inches, screen size alone is 17.3 inches. I went to several computer stores and bag specialty stores. I was surprised that it was difficult to look for one, I even tried going to CDR-King just to be sure. None. I decided that I needed to go to a bigger mall to find a proper laptop sleeve or bag.

After almost a week, me and my wife decided to go to SM Mall of Asia, we thought that there will be a lot more options here than the local malls around our area where we live. The first few stores, as usual, no bag for the size I need was in sight.

I saw a store for Case Logic, which by the brand alone we can expect that it’s very expensive. But there was a bag that fits my needs. It’s really a laptop bag though, and it costs like PhP3000 more or less. It has a padded laptop compartment, and another section for other gadgets like mouse, hard drive, some documents and others. It’s a briefcase. It felt too expensive, so we moved on and looked for more.

We kept trying to look for more options, we even tried Halo, but their biggest was a sleeve called a Wena for only a 15-16 inch screen.

So, I’ve almost given up hope the me and my wife went into the department store to look for something else. What suddenly caught my attention there was a lot of school bags that had a laptop compartment being sold. There were a few bags that caught my attention, but some of them had to be modified to fit my needs. Suddenly, another bag caught my attention which has the Hawk brand. It didn’t really have a name or anything noticeable, but it is a backpack with a trolley.


At first, the trolley was actually a turn off for me. It just looks like a school bag. What caught my attention was it can contain a large size laptop. The bonus is that it can turn into a backpack, since the trolley itself is removable.


This makes the backpack, just the backpack without the additional weight of the trolley. Removing the trolley isn’t that hard, and putting it back is not that complicated too. What’s nice about this is that when it’s put back, it feels very secured.



The laptop compartment is not bad either. A lot of bags offer just a sleeve, but this bag has padded protection, similar to some Case Logic bags. The compartment itself is tight and a large laptop won’t move much when you are travelling.



My large laptop looks so snug and fit, that it seems perfect.

Another interesting thing about this is that it has a label called Durashield Fabrics, which gives me a feeling of extra protection. This fabric features enhanced tear and abrasion resistance.


The main compartment is very roomy and it has a sleeve, which you can put documents and maybe even a netbook. There are 5 other pockets on the outer side of the bag. There are no internal pockets that I can find.

The zipper feels very good in quality, and it doesn’t feel cheap of like plastic. The zippers have holes through them which you can use a padlock if you need the extra protection.

They say that all of the metal parts uses aluminum and it is very water resistant. That’s still something I have to see in the future, which turns me to another feature that I really like. They say that Hawk has a lifetime warranty through any SM department stores. There is no need to show any receipts or papers or any proof of purchase. You only need to bring the bag to them, and if they see it’s an original, they will repair it for you as long as the damage is only natural wear and tear. Any man made damage is not covered by the warranty.

As I said before that the trolley was a turn off. But after a while of talking, I was convinced to get it. The bag alone is pretty good, since the overall things it can hold with the padded protection of the laptop and the Durashield protection is a big plus for me. I’ll be using it more of a backpack, but then again, it’s nice to know when me and my wife plan to travel, having a trolley isn’t such a bad thing. Since it’s easy to remove and to put on, it was more good than I initially thought.

How much is it? As I said before, it’s a little under the price of Case Logic. Me and my wife bought it at PhP2,899. But me and my wife did weight the benefits and cost for hours. We even discussed the possibility of making a bag ourselves to make it cheaper or even modifying a cheap bag to reinforce it. Trust me, it wasn’t an easy buy. But comparing it to the Case Logic briefcase I was looking earlier, this is a better option.

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