Currently Tinkering: Leviathan Laser Gaming Mouse


Almost a week ago, I got into a video game store, just looking for anything. I wasn’t into getting a new game. I noticed this gaming mouse, just because I really needed to replace the one I was currently using. I’m using a very generic mouse from Asus, which is I suppose being used for like 5 years already, might be even more, so the right click is a little wobbly. I generally presume a gaming mouse costs like PhP1000 or even higher, like Razer. I’ve bought an expensive mouse years ago, and even though I like the performance overall, I just can’t justify the cost anymore. As I look more into this gaming mouse, what caught my attention was the price. 2 models are priced at PhP495 and another one at PhP395.


The price is pretty decent, which is good. The look is not so bad at first glance, but of course, the performance is still questionable. The basic features are programmable 5 buttons, one button for changing the speed sensitivity and a scroll wheel that lights up depending on the speed. Well, it was the perfect time for me to buy one and let’s see what this mouse can do.

I opened it and so far it’s pretty good. The general look seems impressive. Although there are marks that shows that it’s not as refined some mouse designs I’ve seen. I found it strange that it didn’t have a disk for drivers. I know it’s pretty normal to have everything on the internet for drivers, but I’d still like to have the usual disk based drivers just in case I don’t have an internet connection. I like the idea that they even added a mouse pad. I’m not really sure what defines a professional gaming mouse pad, but the inclusion of this makes the purchase much more reasonable.







The USB plug is designed a little weird though. The plug itself is fine, but there is a slightly wide area that I suppose you are supposed to hold on to when plugging or removing the device. It’s wide enough that some of my USB plugs can’t go together when I hook it up on my laptop. I suppose this was designed more for a desktop than a laptop, because usually desktops have a clear distance from each other or even have plugs in front of the PC where it won’t cause any blocking with other devices.


The device is plug and play, although the programmable buttons won’t be accessible without special software. The basic 3 buttons are the left, right and the scroll wheel. The other 2 is placed on the left side for the thumb to press. The basic function of these buttons are forward and back for web surfing. The design seems good, although what I noticed later on is that the thumb buttons are too sensitive, you can accidentally press it without even trying. At first it was irritating because I keep loosing track on where I was going because of the buttons. Once I got the hang of it, I still keep telling my brain not to press the buttons, because it’s too easy to press if you don’t think it’s there. I try to hold it differently to keep my brain in constant awareness of the 2 buttons.

The design is ergonomic enough, it should be comfortable by design. The problem is just the 2 thumb buttons which is constant reminder of possibly making a mistake. So, I can’t position my hands to be too comfortable or else I’ll forget the 2 buttons that can cause problems for me.





So, the best test for this thing is gaming, and so far, it’s pretty good. The 2 additional buttons can be of help because I can make a shortcut of a key command instead of trying to reach for the keyboard all the time. In gaming, it makes all the sense to have these additional buttons.

I downloaded the software that’s indicated on the box. I was surprised to see that it isn’t drivers. It’s a generic program designed for customizing your mouse buttons. Well, at least anyone can use it. Well, it just shows that a mouse really doesn’t need much drivers these days because everything is just plug and play, and if you need any modifications to the current mouse, just download a freeware.

Overall, the mouse is good. For the price, I don’t have much problems with it. If it’s priced at thousands of pesos, I would have demanded a refund because of the crazy button sensitivity, and for the wide USB plug, but the fact that the functionality isn’t so bad and plus the fact that this included a pretty good mouse pad, this package is a good deal. Once I got the hang of it, it’s a pretty good mouse. The only last things I need to try is durability which is something only time can tell.


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  1. JD

     /  August 4, 2012

    you must have bought in Cyberzone.. :)) Fellow buyer here.. Just also bought one. Well I can say is that it has the cheapest price of all the gaming mice, razer’s insanely expensive, not to mention the R.A.T. mice. So far so good: it looks durable and very cheap if you consider that all of its keys are programmable.

    • Congratulations with your purchase. I bought mine in Datablitz. So far, I’ve checked almost every DB store and they all carry the brand. I even compare it to other regular mice, and I find this mouse a very good option than the traditional mouse. When my wife needed a new mouse, I bought her the same one I use, and she likes it a lot. Some people even mistake her for using a Razer even it obviously has the Leviathan logo. After a month of using the mouse… I’m still very happy with it. 😀 It’s a very good buy indeed. Thanks for sharing JD.

  2. axcell

     /  August 6, 2012

    just got it a few days ago. Lets just hope it wont fail since it has only a warranty of 1 week.

  3. Got this 2 days ago :)) and im happy with it

    • pinoyvideogamer

       /  October 12, 2012

      happy to know you are happy with your new mouse. I still use mine for some months now and it still works great.

  4. Where to buy in cebu city area?

    • Try these areas:

      Ayala Center Cebu
      3rd Level, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
      (032) 416-3850

      SM Cebu
      2nd Floor, Cyberzone SM City Cebu North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
      (032) 412-8401

    • Try these locations:

      Ayala Center Cebu
      3rd Level, Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
      (032) 416-3850

      SM Cebu
      2nd Floor, Cyberzone SM City Cebu North Reclamation Area, Cebu City
      (032) 412-8401

  5. i bought my leviathan mouse last 10/27/12 but after i tried using it to another laptop the bottom light doesnt work. left, right, scroll and dpi buttons are working but the cursor wont work.

  6. Flippy Lumpy

     /  January 12, 2013

    Do you still have the cover box of this mouse? I need the link kc for the driver or installer for the mouse keys to be programed, i know its on the back of the box.

  7. Paul

     /  October 9, 2013

    I just bought one now, excited to test it out later when playing Dota 2..

    • Congratulations Paul. Tell me how it goes. My own mouse made it more than 6 months before it broke down. My wife’s mouse is still working even now. So, I think it’s not a bad purchase even after so many months of use.

  8. I Bought this about six months ago, sadly, I think its about to die anytime, it was not as responsive as before, it is indeed a good buy for a price but it barely lasted me six months, kinda sad, this is one of the coolest looking cheap ‘Gaming mouse’ out there. The bundles mousepad is also a definite looker, super astigin itsura haha . nice to find this article over the web, nice review po 🙂

    • I actually bought 2 of these, the first one lasted me 8 months, the second one is still working but it’s almost about to die too. I think it’s a good enough mouse for the price and the life it lasted me. Of course, for the price I paid for, I didn’t expect it to last me forever, but it did its job and I am happy with it. I may get another one as a replacement. I’m pretty happy with the mouse in general. It definitely lasts me longer than the ones I bought at CDR-King… 😀


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