Currently Watching: Dawn of the Dead (1978)


I’ve been curious to see the original Dawn of the Dead since I liked Zack Snyder’s (2004)version. This movie is an original from the famous George Romero. The story is about a group of people who tries to go to Canada, but got stuck in a mall instead.


At first my first impression is that the movie is too slow to start. It tells a story of 4 people, 2 of them works for a TV station and another 2 works for a special force team. They get together and fly of using a helicopter trying to get to Canada. But since flying off is not an ideal system of travel, they keep trying to land to get fuel. At one point they saw a mall and decided to stick there for a while.



Once they get to the mall, things do get interesting. When they realize that they have so much opportunity to take advantage of an entire mall filled with so much things that they can use and take advantage of. All they have to do is secure the entrances and kill of the remaining zombies inside. Although I do find that a mall that is nuclear powered a bit weird and unbelievable. I find it fascinating that even with the horror that the movie conveys, it also is funny, but to the point that you kind of relate to it. So the humor is in place but at the same time, the fear and horror is there. Note that this is not a comedy, but the humor is in the right place.


I also like the idea that they talked on the idea that the zombies are remembering their past life. Something that’s been expanded more on Land of the Dead (2005). Btw, if you watch Land of the Dead, there is one zombie there that is a character in Dawn of the Dead. Anyway, the remembering part is not tackled much but it turns out that it’s one of the important things in the movie.


For a 1978 movie, I think the production is pretty good. Although the music does giveaway the feeling of it being old. The make up is in-between good and bad. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I do find it weird that blood is colored bright red, which may seem alien these days. But the acting is generally good. Although I have to admit that a few zombies just give away the feeling that they just normal people in make up.


Somehow I like this classic movie better than Zack Snyder’s version. Because in a sense, I find it more believable in that situation. Zack Snyder’s version basically uses the same concept of the people trapped in a mall, but the people that version are more similar to the Night of the Living Dead where a various group of people trapped in a house. Since the characters are only a few in George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, you get to empathize with them more.


If you are a person who likes zombie movies, I highly recommend you to see this one. I do think that this one of the best works of George Romero.

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