WiiU release in the US on November 18, and it’s cheaper!


Nintendo US has just announced that they will be releasing the WiiU on Nivember 18, 2012; almost a full month ahead from Japan, and the package is slightly different. Here are some details about the release:

Deluxe Set priced at $349.99 (estimated 14,612.08): 32gb flash memory, black model, includes a black gamepad, AC adapter, HDMI cable, gamepad charging cradle, console stand, Sensor Bar, a copy of Nintendo Land.

Basic Set priced at $299.99 (estimated PhP12,524.582): 8gb flash memory, white model, white model, includes a white gamepad, AC adapter, HDMI cable, Sensor Bar

Buying a WiiU controller in the US is not available, hence, no price has been announced. The Japanese release has a WiiU controller, but the price is very expensive that it costs almost half of the Basic Set.

At least this price is more reasonable than the Japanese release, and I was surprised that the US gets it earlier than Japan. In previous years, Japan has the upper hand. And considering the US, price, this is more feasible since it’s costs close to a PS3 or an Xbox360. Also, I find it weird that the Japanese version doesn’t offer a sensor bar, when the US version considers it as a standard inclusion to the package. And the Deluxe set already includes a game. Considering a cost of a WiiU game is like $59, I think the Deluxe version is a very good deal indeed. 

On a personal note, since the Japanese version is more expensive, it’s likely that we’ll see more of the US version when we get to see it in the local market. Even if we consider shipping costs, I think the Japanese version is too high.

And of course, since Nintendo is not officially supporting the Philippines, we can expect higher prices when it comes to our own country.

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