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While waiting for my wife, I needed to kill time before going home. I was a little tired from roaming around the mall seeing stuff that I can’t even afford to buy. So I decided to just watch a movie that would fit my time. I wanted to see Expendables 2, but unfortunately, the schedule didn’t match that I needed. So I only had a few choices, but Resident Evil was the only movie that at least conjured up some interest.

Resident Evil movies has been a disappointment to me. Although I did kind of like the first movie, the following installments feels like it got a bit far from interesting. My problem is that the story is about Alice’s journey, and her fight with Umbrella Corporation. At first this was okay, but since the game Resident Evil 4, Umbrella is almost non existent and has been replaced by TriCell Inc. The movies still kept Umbrella as the main villain but used a lot of elements of the newer games, which now doesn’t seem to make any sense.


You don’t even have to watch any previous movie to know the history. The intro will tell everything that you need to know. So, if you do plan to watch the movie, you can go straight to this one and have a free feeling of not having to review any previous story line that you might have missed.

This movie doesn’t even try to make a proper connection to the games (or at least how I remember them). All the movie tries is to get as much action into every shot. I mean the action can be quite good, but then again, it can be just way too fast to actually enjoy it. I see no logic in seeing Leon, Ada, Barry, Wesker or any other character. If Paul Anderson thinks this is what the fans are looking for, he might be looking at the wrong place.


The only thing I enjoyed was the intro credits where the action was reversed which kind of reminded me of Dead Island’s famous trailer. But this is just for show, no sense in it whatsoever. Heck, even the intro just forgot about some of the characters in previous movie “Afterlife”, you know like Chris and Claire… I do presume that they are pretty important in the series.

Even the setting is a tad ridiculous. Ok, here’s how it goes. There is an underground facility to test the virus, the facility is a "PERFECT REPLICA” of major cities around the world, and for some apparent reason, the central part of the structure is the suburbs, which technically, I don’t get why that part is bigger than anything else. The suburbs is a pretty small town. It doesn’t make sense to me to make a perfect replica of different cities just to convince the leaders of different nations to buy the virus. Making a generic looking city would have sufficed. In some scenes Alice even had to say “New York” just for the audience to know that they are in a New York setting.


Another thing, about the clones. It could have been an interesting story where they could have fought their own selves. One particular aspect was the good and evil Rain (Michelle Rodriguez). They could have really done something about this, but no. They didn’t even meet up. The good one just died so utterly quick.

The 3D shots feels cheap. I didn’t watch the movie on 3D, but you’ll obviously see it. Like flying weapons… uh… just mostly that. Nothing else. There was not one thing that really can surprise with what they can do with 3D which they already used in “Afterlife”.


There is no logic in the film. They don’t talk about the conflicts, issues or even the sense of what problem with Alice just believing in Wesker. Or Alice just believes Rain so fast when it could have been possible that she could be controlled by who ever is the villain. Also, Ada, Leon and Barry are all wearing the same clothes in the games. Like they never really wore anything except those all their life. Also, why in the world would Leon and Barry believe and work for Wesker? Wesker being the main villain in the games and the movies, who is supposed to be dead. When Alice talks to Wesker, she never even asks how it is possible that he is alive. See, no logic whatsoever.


At first I really though Paul Anderson could pull off Resident Evil because I really did like the first movie. But after that, each movie gets worse and worse, to the point that I have lost interest in watching any of the movies.

So, would I recommend it? No, not for one bit.

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