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Let’s talk about Diablo… sorry, I mean Torchlight 2. Here’s the latest offering of Runic Games, a company composed of mostly ex-Bizzard North employees (well known for Diablo 1 and 2). Although I do have to admit, that before they made Torchlight, their previous company under the name “Flagship Studios” didn’t work out so well. But Torchlight was a different beast altogether, and even though it was an amazing game, it only had a single player experience. Now with the new game out, they promised us the one thing that was mainly missing from the first one… MULTIPLAYER!

Gameplay, if you are familiar with action role playing games for the PC, which is really not that much. Diablo 1 and 2 are the well known ones, but there are also other games like Titan Quest and Dungeon Siege. So, generally, it’s a point and click affair with RPG elements. You fight, get loot, and when you level up, you get skill and stat points, distribute and repeat. That’s generally the game, but it is good.


Based on the previous Torchlight, the controls have been improved. If you are familiar with the game, usually number keys are used for skills and potions, but generally, you have to set them yourself. I like the idea that they added Z and X to function as quick heal and mana regardless of where the potions are positioned.

The previous Torchlight game is more like Diablo 1, you just keep on going down. As with Torchlight 2 to Diablo 2, this game is more on exploration. You get to travel around the land. The game is vast and interesting. Even in the first Act alone, it feels like there is so much to see. Believe me that I’ve played the first part of the game quite a few times, but I still have not seen everything. There are lots of secrets that will keep you interested in looking for more.


I like the feeling that it feels that progression feels reachable than it is with most RPGs. Most RPGs makes you feel good at the start, but later on it feels like leveling up takes forever. Here, you don’t feel it, as long as you are killing opponents that are pretty close to your level, you will progress. Even if you go to lower levels, of course leveling up can get slow, but if you are with a group of friends having a fun time, it will just surprise you that you’ve leveled up already.

I also like the idea of fame, where each level can give you 1 skill point that you can apply to your skills. It makes you want to look for enemy champions and bosses to make sure that you get more fame.

Same as the previous Torchlight, the maps are randomly generated. Although major landmarks or places have a general idea where they are places, most areas are kind of unpredictable. The game actually saves the previous map, but once you get into multiplayer, you do get the option to regenerate a new map and make exploration interesting again. Once you get back in the game alone, it uses the last one that you played on.


What’s fascinating about this game is that it’s balanced enough to keep you wanting for more. There are so many things that are just the same as most games. Here’s another example, like the game Uncharted 2. The game itself doesn’t revolutionize anything. It’s pretty much the same old game we’ve played in years, but then again, everything feels right and better than before. Torchlight 2 is like that, it refines the game to an art form. The game doesn’t feel boring or slow. It keeps you going and enjoying. You look forward for the loot that will fit your character, to leveling up, to find a good loot that’ll fit your character, to use the combination of skills to it’s best potential and you look forward to fighting another boss. The game keeps you playing for more.

Graphics look very simple, very cartoony. But detailed enough to make things look interesting. It would have been interesting if they did it with a little cel-shading, but no. The graphics is simple but it has a certain charm to it. The look is not really a far cry from the original game. Runic could have gone for the realistic feel, but I think the reason for the cartoon look is because the game will perform better without all the heavy baggage of high textures and polygons. This makes the game more accessible to almost anybody. From what I understand, if you can play the original Torchlight, there very little reason that Torchlight 2 won’t run on your system.


The music is outstanding. Really, it makes me remember Diablo 1 and 2, and for a good reason. The original composer of Diablo 1 and 2 did the music for this game. It gives the right atmosphere. By the way, the soundtrack is automatically downloaded to your game folder (I use steam). So if you haven’t downloaded the soundtrack (which is free), and you have downloaded already, the soundtrack should be on your folder already. Enjoy!

Story-wise, there’s a story which actually picks up immediately right after Torchlight. But it’s a story I really didn’t bother myself to get into. The game itself is good enough to keep me interested to play. But if you want to know, the story tells it that the heroes in the original game have failed and now the enemy is now spreading on land. Because of it, you are forced to travel to large sections of the world.


Regarding multiplayer, I think they relied on the classic way to get into a game, which is all good. The online system does require you to have a Runic account. Internet multiplayer is good, but I think the interface needs a little more work. It feels a little old and sometimes I wish they added a few features to keep it more interesting. Like I wish they added a feature where you can chat with a friend of yours who is already in a multiplayer game. I love the inclusion of LAN (local area network). If you don’t have a proper internet connection, you can have friends over and play together using a simple router.

Overall the game is outstanding. It offers a great amount of gameplay and can keep you interested for hours. For the price that it offers, it’s $20 (PhP840), yes that’s right. It’s a game that’s under PhP1000 and it offers so much gameplay than most games that are priced in full. And good news, this game doesn’t require you to go online to play. But Runic does have an online account system that is used for online multiplayer. Because of the price and the sheer amount of gameplay, I do highly recommend the game.

Note: If you’re asking me if I played Diablo 3, I just played for like 10 hours of it and that’s that. I don’t believe that the game is worth PhP3500. That’s just a personal opinion.

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