Currently Tinkering: Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 Gaming


Yup, I’m not done talking about the Samsung Galaxy 4.2, but we won’t delve into the gadget but more of the games this time around. I’ve been installing a ton of games recently to see how it fares, although I have mentioned that the player is not really designed for pure gaming since the 1Ghz processor is not up to par these days. Here I’ll be listing the games I have already installed and my initial thoughts about them regarding performance (not game reviews… those come later).

  • Air Control Lite – performance was very good and pretty fast.
  • Angry Birds – this is the only game that’s preinstalled with the Galaxy Player 4.2. So, it works great out of the box.
  • Angry Birds Rio – works great.
  • Angry Birds Seasons – good too.
  • Angry Birds Space – same as before… works great.
  • Bad Piggies – loaded up a little slow. some lag in between loading, but it works fine overall.
  • Blood and Gore – this is an Infinity Blade clone, and it works great and smooth.
  • ChuChu Rocket – works perfectly.
  • Cut the Rope: Experiments – another game that works great, but I did experience a hang up once.
  • Devil Ninja 2 – simple running side scroller, so performance is pretty good.
  • Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave – not playable on the device. Too much lag that playing is too hard. I suggest not to install it on the Galaxy Player.
  • Dungeon Village – it’ a pretty light game, and it works great.
  • Eternity Warriors 2 – the game lags a bit, but still playable. Graphics is pretty good too.
  • FIFA 12 – this comes as a standard game, but you have to download it first. It’s a pretty big game on it’s own. Performs pretty good, but you can’t uninstall it once it’s there.
  • Frontline Commando – from the makers of Eternity Warriors 2, the graphics is amazing for a small device and it works perfectly. Loading can be a tad too long though. I actually thought the system hanged up on me again.
  • Flow Free – this game has barebones graphics which makes it fast and fluid.
  • Fruit Ninja Free – works great, no lags
  • Minecraft Pocket Edition – works perfectly, no lags.
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit – this comes with the device. You need to download a bit to get it running, but it does show that it’s an EA game. Performance is very good too.
  • PewPew 2 – game is pure line art, so the games runs pretty fast.
  • Puzzle Quest 2 – other than the main download, it will download more once you get it running. The game is a tad sluggish but playable.
  • Slice It – another puzzle game, you wouldn’t notice immediately but it does use 3D. Works wonderful.
  • Starstruck – a Pinoy made slapping/fighting game, works great. Graphics seem a little stretched.
  • Temple Run – It’s a little choppy at the start, but once the game is running, it’s pretty good and smooth.
  • Zenonia 4 – wonderful RPG game, good graphics too. No lags here.
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