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At last I’ve finished the Dark Knight trilogy. I had to watch the 2 previous movies before diving into the new movie, and boy, does it make watching the movie so much better. Thanks to a few friends who got me and my wife movie tickets. We really appreciate it.

I start watching the film, and the movie immediately reminded me of the comic book “The Dark Knight Returns”. It begins a very similar to the comic book where it has been years since Batman has shown up, and there came a point where Gotham City needs him again. Of course, this movie is also based on the (temporary) death of Batman in comic books, which meant Bane is the main villain in the story. In comic books, Bane is the first one to really physically injure Bruce Wayne to the point that he didn’t think that he’ll ever come back. This means that Bane will be the hardest adversary he’ll ever encounter.

Batman / Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is still the center of the story. Which is great that Syncopy is still able to keep the story very interesting when all previous non-Christopher Nolan films all focused on the villain instead of the hero. The journey revolves around him and his past. He does look aged and tired which is the actual point of the movie.


Bane (Tom Hardy) is amazing, although he mostly acts with his eyes and his body. You can’t see his mouth because it’s always covered throughout the entire movie. What I like about Bane in this movie is that he is smart and he knows what he is doing which is like in the comic books. I was disappointed with the portrayal of Bane in “Batman and Robin” because he was just a thug. Here, he rules. I was worried about his voice though, since it’s covered throughout the movie he sounds muffled in general. They did a good job in clearing up his voice, but somehow it feels a bit off, but it’s more important that people do understand what he says or else he would been a joke throughout the entire movie.


Catwoman / Selena Kyle (Anne Hathaway), her role is done great too. They never called her Catwoman in the movie, only a “cat burglar”. Her looks does remind me a lot of the classic Catwoman of the TV series, but here, everything makes more sense with what she wears. Although letting her hair down seems like giving away your dna for free for anyone to take. I still would have preferred the look in the current comic books where she was covered all over which only the mouth is revealing. I like the idea that she takes advantage of her feminity to get away from tough spots. I also like that she is a counterpart of Batman, which gives a slight funny moment in the film.

Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Kane) and Lucious Fox (Morgan Freeman) are still the guiding force of the Bruce Wayne. They are great actors that still make the movie better. Although they have stood a tad back this time around, because the movie is about the fall and rise of Batman.

It’s a bit difficult to watch the film without watching the previous ones, especially the first one. The movie goes back to issues that was tackled in the “Batman Begins” which is basically fulfilling the fall of Gotham City and the legacy of Harvey Dent which was one of the villains in “The Dark Knight”. Also, the image of Maggie Jillenhall is nice to see since her role of Rachel (Bruce’s love interest) was also important.

The entire film is almost 3 hours, and it’s amazing that the time flies by quickly. I almost didn’t want the film to end.


The movie really tells the end of this series and it ends wonderfully. Although I can’t say that it’s better than “The Dark Knight” since I do believe that that movie is really an amazing film. This is more of a closure to the series, but with a big bang. I do hear some people said that it’s hard to picture what happened to Bruce Wayne at the end, but if they do remember the comic book “The Dark Knight Returns”, I think it was a very fitting end.

Would I watch it all over again? Yes. I’d love to watch it again. I highly recommend it.

Note: I wrote this almost 2 months ago. I just wasn’t able to upload it immediately.

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  1. Yeah, not seeing Batman Begins in a while puts you at a serious disadvantage. Check out my Batman overview


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