Currently Tinkering: Sega Saturn (non review)


This won’t be a review since I didn’t get it running properly, but I do just want to share my experience with it. Anyway, I miss my old Saturn and it was generous of a friend of mine to give me this one.

About this model, from what I know this is the Japanese model, since it’s white. The US model is all black and the buttons are grey which was my original one. This is version modded so both Japanese and US games should work fine.

Well, hooking it up is pretty easy. I was a little surprised with it because the audio video cables are actually modified RCA cables for an Xbox360, but it works great.


So I hooked up the controller too. But these are pretty old so I wasn’t sure if they are going to work.

These are the 2 games that I had in my collection.

  • Panzer Dragoon Azel
  • Nights Into Dreams


So, I placed Panzer Dragoon Azel first, and see how it goes.


Ah… I missed this so much. The screen, the sound is so good.


So, the game works, although, my controllers are another matter. It seems that it’s not responding. The “Start” button won’t respond, and any of the directional pad won’t respond either.


I try another game, Nights Into Dreams. Now I’m sure both controllers won’t work. My friend suggested getting the controllers cleaned up from the inside, and I think I’ll do that later on.

But as collecting goes, I’m very happy with it, even though I haven’t gotten it to work fully yet. I’m just happy that the console itself is functioning properly. The my friend who gave me this, THANK YOU!

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