New Playstation Store will be up within the month


New look for PSN store is going to be up within the month.

Personally, I thought it was for the Xbox360, since it looks like the Metro interface which is being used by Xbox360, Windows 8 and Windows Mobile. I just realized that it was for PSN because of the PS Store logo on the upper left corner.

Here a screenshot of the Windows 8 Metro user interface from Techfactor just for comparison.


And here’s a screenshot of Xbox360 Metro user interface from


You have to admit, the concept is very similar and they even use the same font.

But it looks good nonetheless. I can better appreciate the titles, but I do wonder if the new store will improve the loading time. Because right now, even with it mostly text, the loading time can get a little boring.

Note that the prices on the images are not real. This is only a mock up design from Playstation, so prices posted on the images will not reflect in the actual store.

Well, I like the new look and let’s hope that it loads faster too. Here are a couple of more pictures.



PSN Store pictures are from the Playstation Blog.

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