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One of the first games I tried on the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 is Dungeon Village from Kairosoft. They were the ones who made a game I also liked called GameDev Story which I enjoyed a lot. I got the game from Google Play for around less than P11 from the Google sale a few weeks back. Dungeon Village is a town building strategy game, but with role playing game elements.

If you are familiar with games like SimCity, CityVille and such, then this is not far from it since you make houses, facilities, roads and such. Once you’ve established your small village, adventurers will come visit and they will go out of town to protect it from random monsters. You can also micro manage these adventurers.

Buildings are the first major thing in the game. As I said before, this is a town building strategy game. At first, you can post buildings randomly, but later on you’ll notice that placement is very important. Every building and decoration you put up will help the neighboring facility. So, later on, you’ll might want to rearrange your facilities. Towns can also upgrade if you meet certain conditions, which will give you a bigger land area and new buildings and facilities.

002 003 004

Adventurers will use facilities like the Inn, food stores, pubs, restaurants and such. This is the thing that generates income for you. But one of the important things in the game is getting your adventurers satisfied. There are a few ways to keep them happy, like giving gifts and putting up events. Gifts and events also can raise the adventurers statistical points like health, magic, dexterity and strength. You can also setup each adventurer on what they wear, what weapons they use, what type of class they are (warrior, farmer, magician, archer and such). Of course, changing the class will also affect their stats and sometimes, weapons won’t be as effective if your adventurer is a magician and he’s holding a big sword. Each adventurer can get a maximum level of 10, from there you can change classes if you want and keep them happy.

Time goes by really quick. The game tracks years, months and weeks. Although the ingame time can go by really quick, like a few minutes for a month in the game.

There are quests that you can do, although you do have to hire your adventurers to get things done. Although at first you might think is too easy, but later on, if you don’t know what you are doing, your adventurers can get beat up after 3 months of fighting in the game. If they win, they can get some items and the town will be happy, but if you loose, the adventurers may automatically lower their satisfaction rating and the town may be a little unhappy.

005 006 007

There is no right way to play the game since there is no loosing condition. But there is a 15 year limit which puts totals up your overall score based on everything that you have done. You can still continue the game after the 15th year, and for most players, I think the challenge is still there to keep it up.

The standard price for the game is around more than PhP200 for the regular price. Personally, it’s a pretty good deal since it’s fun and you can actually forget time because of how engrossing the game is. You can get the feeling of… "one more thing before shutting the game down"… and you forget 2-3 hours have passed since you said it. So, would I recommend it? It’s a definite yes.

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  1. I know what you mean, I started the game in the morning and played until night fall.

  2. haha! i played this game! so much fun! i found cheat here by blocking the entrance when they’re outside.


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