Currently Playing: Real Racing 3 (iPad Mini)

Think of Gran Turismo, simplified and mobile device… and get this, it’s free.
When I think of video games and racing, I always think of Gran Turismo for the PlayStation. It’s been the most successful game franchise in history. The only game that has been matching it is Forza Motorsport series which is owned by Microsoft. Can you think of anything that can match that in iPad? Actually, I can’t think of anything else except for the Real Racing series. But to tell you the truth, I haven’t played any other Real Racing game since 1 and 2 are paid apps. Only the recent Real Racing 3 uses the free to play model, so it’s the only version that I have tried playing.
I was actually surprised that Real Racing 3 is a pretty good game. At first I was really worried that it will force me to pay anything to progress, but it turns out that it’s not. The more you play, you get more ingame money and coins. The coins are earned and this can also be bought, but since you earn it through the game, you are not forced to buy them.
Each time you use a car, a car gets some damage and you have to get it repaired. This will take some time and if you only have one or two cars, this can take a while for you to wait before being able to race again. Same thing with buying new cars, you will have to wait some hours before it gets delivered to you. Making any modifications to your car will also take time. Want to rush everything? Use the coins that you have earned.
Most cars are bought using your ingame currency, but once in a while, there are cars that uses the coins. These are very rare cars and are mostly just for show, some most of the cars that are available to you are pretty good enough. If you really want to get those special cars, try not to use your coins to upgrade anything.
The graphics is quite impressive and it works pretty good on the iPad Mini. I was a bit surprised of the quality this game has. The car details are very good, the tracks are very detailed. The only issue I have in terms of graphics is pretty much the maps, it’s just a bit repetitive, but that’s not a graphical issue at all.
Controls are simple enough. Acceleration, breaking in turns, gear shifting are all automatic. All you have to focus on is turning left or right. Well, that is the basic stuff. You can actually turn on other advanced controls if you wish.
This is not a normal multiplayer game. The multiplayer part sends your best time to other players and they can try and beat your time, while your virtual car is in the game while they race. You never play in real time. So, there is no need to try meeting up with other players.
Overall, the game is pretty impressive. The overall quality feels like it’s a AAA game. but you have to be very patient to get the most of out of the game.

iOS7 Update: The game slowed down drastically. It’s playable, but too difficult because of the bad frame rate. If you want to keep playing this game on your iPad2 or iPad Mini, stay away from the update.
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