Currently Tinkering: Waze (with Smart Telecom)


Smart and Sun just added a new feature specifically for Waze.

Waze is a real time mapping system. It uses the internet and GPS to take advantage of the app. This is no typical map system like “Google Maps”. What makes Waze stand out is the real time updates. Users can post things that are happening like if there are any construction or traffic. Traffic status is also updated based on collected information from other users. If you are in an area which is not mapped, Waze will update it based on where you are driving. You can chat with other users too, and show friends where you currently are. It also shows where the other Waze users are. It also makes a game out of driving or travelling by giving you points there more you travel while the app is running.

It’s an amazing mapping system but it does require an internet connection, and obviously it’s a step above any other mapping system. But it using an internet connection is also my own personal drawback. I like the feature but I don’t need the internet running on a regular basis.

So I was curious to try when I heard that Sun and Smart has added a new subscription system specifically for Waze only.

  • PhP2 for 3 hour use.
  • PhP5 for 1 day use.
  • PhP30 for 7 days.
  • PhP99 for 1 month.

Screenshot_2013-10-07-18-23-23It’s an attractive plan since, technically, it’s not that expensive. So I said, why not. I can try it out. I experimented on the 1 day plan for only PhP5. But their warning is this, don’t use any other application or it will charge you an additional fee for data connection. They say that you only have to turn off all other software and make sure that waze is the only thing running.

But what ever you to, smartphones will always access data from the internet, regardless how you try to limit access. So, that is a major flaw to their plan. Rather than saving money by hoping that you’ll only spend PhP5 for a 1 day plan, you still have to pay for the data plan while Waze is running. So, you end up spending more than you should. It would have been cheaper if you just kept an Unlimited dataplan and just ran Waze at the same time. Or another way around it is make sure you only have PhP5 on your phone load and for sure Waze is the only thing that will get data then. And at the same time, you have to make sure that you won’t load anything while the Waze plan and your data connection is running; or else it will eat up your phone load.

Would I recommend the app? Yes, definitely. It really helps the user on traffic updates with real time accuracy and since it’s also a social network, it helps keep everyone updated and it gets you interested in sharing any updates on the road too. This is a great service if you have an unlimited data internet plan.

So, would I recommend the Smart/Sun Waze subscription plan? For people who regularly use the internet on their mobile device, this is pointless. For people who would like to save up their load, nope. For people who has very little amount to spare (like they have PhP5 remaining on their phone load), possibly.

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