Currently Tinkering: Gaming on iOS7 (Updated)


So, I installed iOS7 on my iPad Mini since it was first released. I was hesitant about it at first, but I was bored at the time. Anyway, we need a test unit in the office, so we actually needed to see how applications run on iOS7. So, how did it go?

All games tested and listed below works smoothly on iOS 6.1.3.

Games batch 1: (These are games mostly my wife plays, except for a couple)

  • DragonVale
  • Plants Vs Zombies 2
  • Bakery Story
  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out
  • Farm Story 2
  • Bejewelled Blitz
  • Candy Crusy Saga
  • Pivot
  • Castleville

Result: They work smoothly as expected. Almost just as before. Although I can’t really say much about DragonVale’s previous loading time, since their previous update made the loading time way too long. Their recent update made the loading time significantly faster. But I don’t see that this has any connection with iOS7.

Games batch 2: (These are games I usually play)

  • Real Racing 3
  • Bastion
  • Solaice Arena
  • Dungeon Hunter 4

Result: The games that are previously working very smoothly on iOS 6.1.3 are barely playable now. Really, it’s so difficult to play them properly at any point. Real Racing 3 is only playable for a brief moment, but when it starts stuttering, it is bad. Bastion, I thought it would be smooth since it’s a 2D game, but no. The slow down is too extreme that it’s too difficult to keep playing either.

What I think of iOS7 in regards to not gaming? It’s actually an improvement over the previous OS in terms of features. The features makes more sense and gives it some balance against the Android OS.

What I think of iOS7 in regards to gaming? Uh… mostly terrible, if you are into more serious games. If you are into simple casual games, it should’t be an issue. Since I don’t see the game developers making any improvement on the games in light of iOS7, I don’t think the people who made iOS7 thought that gaming will be an important part of who ever is using an iPad Mini. They were wrong. Almost everyone I talk to said that the new OS really killed their gaming experience on the iPad Mini.

Overall, if you want to play some serious gaming. Don’t install iOS7. I’m not sure if this is related to the OS itself since it just might be some form of stability issue which can be corrected. But still, as it stands now, iOS7 damaged a lot of games that I bought, now I have a lot more games that are just in my account but are not playable on the iPad Mini. After this experience I really wanted to go back to iOS 6.1.3, but no. There is no option. So, what now? Do I have to buy a higher model just to play the games I paid for? Maybe, but that’s because it feels like I was robbed out of the games that I already own. Getting a new iPad might be my only option to get to play them again. But personally, I don’t think it’s worth spending for a new iPad anytime soon…

Hey look, local Android Tablets are getting a lot cheaper, while iPad/iPhone devices are still expensive…

Slight update: I read somewhere that a system reset would return the performance. So I made sure first that everything is backed up on iCloud and started to format the entire iPad Mini. It took some hours to reinstall everything but I am impressed on how much iCloud has saved. It retained all my data, even on the games. The only thing it didn’t retain is the programs that I downloaded and some of the programs I work on in our game development company. But the programs are automatically downloaded right after reformatting, so it’s not much of an issue. The only thing that I had to work on was the mail settings. Okay, performance wise, it did get better. All the games I mentioned earlier were  now playable not like before. I’m even currently playing Galaxy on Fire 2 HD which is a nice looking game for the iPad Min. It reminds me a alot of “Wing Commander” which I really miss these days. So, if you shift to iOS7, I do recommend that you do a system reset right after installing the new OS. It should return to it’s old performance.

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