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You are in space, you have mysteriously time traveled a few years into the future and the galaxy you know is almost unrecognizable. Welcome to Galaxy on Fire 2. It’s been years since I’ve played a space sim, and since I’m enjoying a lot playing iPad games recently, this game is a welcome sight. Considering the game is completely free, let’s see if it’s worth your time to download.

I really miss playing space simulation games. The last one I’ve played was Freelancer which was released on the PC, which didn’t even fill my craving for it. After a while, the genre just died down. I suppose the most ambitious one I’ve played was Freespace 2 which is still the best space sim game I’ve ever played so far. For a while now the space simulation genre is considered all but dead, but I do know that Chris Roberts, the creator of Wing Commander is coming back with the genre with a bang with Star Citizen. But while waiting for that to happen, I stumbled upon Galaxy on Fire 2 on the iPad. This game is also available for Android, but I couldn’t get it to run properly on any of my devices so far.

2013-10-25 09.00.33
I am impressed with how Galaxy on Fire 2 HD looks. It reminds me a lot of the PC space sim games. There is a quality look to it that doesn’t fail. It doesn’t look like it’s running Crysis or anything like it, but it is impressive enough, especially for an iPad game. Ship designs are pretty good and the environment themselves like the planets, stars, the overall look of the galaxy has character. Space here doesn’t feel empty, but very much full of life and color. The space station designs can get very redundant though, but I suppose it’s how its universe should feel like, that’s why it’s a surprise that I see a few damaged space stations stand out from the rest. The environment is pretty big, you can pretty much fly endlessly if you like. The graphical objects can pop in and out, but only if you are very far from it already. I suppose the only time that this can happen is when you are experimenting on far you can fly off to. The game slows down a bit when you get really close to some space stations, but once you face away from them, it runs fine again.
2013-11-01 16.03.03
Voice acting is bad to terrible. Too exaggerated acting for me personally, but that didn’t bother me too much. You don’t hear much voices unless you get into the main storyline, there you’ll keep hearing the main lead character voice and all the other supporting characters. But within the game itself, voices are very seldom and it isn’t too bothersome.
2013-10-25 07.27.23
The basic controls are pretty easy to get into. All of it uses a touch based system including the joystick. Although the movement controls have an option to use the gyro sensors of your device, personally, the accuracy of piloting the ship is better using the sensors instead of using the virtual joystick. I can’t say the virtual joystick perfect though, since holding on to the it is not a walk in the park, but it works fine mostly. Basic weapons fire is easy enough but it does get stuck once in a while.
2013-10-25 09.23.26
It’s fascinating that there are tons of options on ship upgrades and all. Weapons, missiles, ship improvements are all easily customizable. Because of this, you can get curious on how you can make the best out of your current ship and eventually, you’ll want to upgrade your ship. But choosing the best ship is not as easy as getting the best one out there, because the best one is based on preference. Some ships have great cargo space, but terrible weapon slots. Some have great weapons slots, but have weak armor. So It’s not that easy to find what you are actually looking for. Also, each planetary system has their own set of ships to sell. So you have to travel around the galaxy to find what you want.
2013-10-29 19.04.11
There is no collision detection from ship to ship, so it’s pretty safe to go through enemies, but then again, this destroys the illusion for me. But there is collision detections when you hit asteroids and space stations.
2013-10-25 17.59.47
There is a few mission types that you can do, there is not much variety into it. It can get very repetitive and I suppose it’s the main thing that can turn you off in this game. Once you figure out a pattern on how to play this game, you’ll won’t have a hard time getting by it. If you have a hard time on one mission, just keep doing small missions and trade, you should be able to get a pretty good ship and continue your way through. Don’t get me wrong, there a lot of things to do. Actually, it’s hard for you to run out of things to do, but it just gets boring after a while doing the same things over and over again.
2013-10-25 08.17.36
I also know that this is being sold for the PC using Steam at $20, the price ain’t so bad. But I don’t think the price is good enough to justify your experience. The older Freespace 2 can be bought at a cheaper price and it’s a better deal, I assure you that.
2013-10-25 07.18.31
As a free game, this game is a steal. It has a lot to offer, and it will eat up a lot of hours of your time. The graphics looks good and most of the time, it’s very smooth. Gameplay is simple enough to follow. It does have advertising, and it kind of entices you to buy the DLCs which is I think the price is not so bad to support these developers for trying a genre that a lot of people have considered dead. I am impressed and happy with the game. As a free game, this is something that you must try.
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