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Adonit Jot TouchAbout 3 weeks ago, I was able to get myself an Adonit Jot Touch. I apparently got my unit at half the price at Digital Walker (originally priced at PhP4,400). I presume this is because the latest version is coming out soon. Anyway, I really needed a proper stylus so I can draw faster for projects I work on. Here’s my take on the stylus.
First time I got a tablet, I craved to draw again. It’s been a while since I last drew on a regular basis though. I did try to read a lot on what stylus you can use for iPad. Apparently it’s not that easy. I was surprised that it’s only recently that they got to figure out how it works and it seems that Adonit Jot Touch is the first one who got a working concept.
Adonit Jot Touch
Opening the package feels like a treat. The package is a transparent case, you see the stylus in full glory. But once you open it fully, at the back it has a lot of cards showing instructions and apps that support the device. Looking at the cards looks like a work of art too. It’s a proof that the device is working great on the apps themselves. Once you remove all the cards you’ll see the cover, the USB charger and an extra tip.
Adonit Jot Touch
Adonit Jot Touch
Just looking at the device, it looks amazing. Finely crafted from end to end. The aluminum steel body looks sleek and it also has an aluminium screw in cover too which you can also attach on at the back side of the stylus. The pointy end looks like a mechanical pen with a plastic plate. The plastic plate is what the iPad detects for touch. But the tip also has a spring which triggers the pressure sensitivity. There is a rubber grip on where you hold the stylus and it also has 3 buttons. 2 buttons functions are dependent on the software that you are using, but there is a central button which is the power is slightly hidden. My issue with the buttons is that they are too close to each other, especially for my hands. I try to press the power, I also press one or the other button too accidentally. 
Adonit Jot Touch
Charging it is like out of this world. It has a USB charger included. Of course, the stylus has a charging device, but this is not like anything I’ve seen before. The stylus USB charger has a magnetic slot. Once you place the back end of the stylus near the USB magnetic slot, it automatically connects to each other perfectly, and it charges automatically after that. Charging shouldn’t take too long too.
Adonit Jot Touch
The Adonit Jot Touch is the first generation of pressure sensitive stylus for the iPad. As a regular stylus, the device works fine on any tablet or even touch sensitive phones. Even without it’s special feature, it’s the most accurate stylus I’ve ever used, and it’s a pleasure to use it. What stands out is that this links up on the iPad using Bluetooth. The thing is there is a minimum requirement for this to work, at least an iPad 2 or higher. If you own an original iPad, I’m sorry but the pressure sensitivity won’t work.
Adonit Jot Touch
It’s not so complicated to connect it, if you are familiar how to connect a Bluetooth headset, it’s pretty much the same. My only issue with this is that, even when it’s connected, the app doesn’t see that it’s already there. The Adonit Touch special feature of pressure sensitivity doesn’t work throughout the iPad, it’s based on software. So, you have to make sure that the application that you are using is detecting the stylus. What I do is, make sure that app is running first before I turn on the stylus. Once you get it running, it feels interesting, great overall. But you have to practice because the sensitivity doesn’t seem normal. I suggest you setup your software to make it work for you, if you don’t sometimes the default settings doesn’t work as well as you hope it would. Also, the 2 buttons are not modifiable. The buttons are preset based on the software that you are using.
Adonit Jot Touch
Since this is a first generation pressure sensitive stylus, it doesn’t have palm rejection. I actually thought that it’s a major letdown, but apparently, while reading on how the stylus works. Palm rejection is also software based and it doesn’t work on some apps, even with the popular ones and even with the latest version of the Jot Touch.
Adonit Jot Touch
I tested a couple of apps. Namely Adobe Photoshop and Procreate. Both of them works amazing and the effect is obvious. Photoshop applies pressure sensitivity on opacity, while Procreate applies width. Although I have updated the latest version of Procreate, and recently it has trouble detecting the device. I’ve been reading if there is any issues with Procreate since Photoshop works perfectly fine. All I read is that the original Jot Touch has issues with iOS7 but if that’s the case, why does it work fine on Photoshop while it doesn’t work well on Procreate?
After days of using, it does feel a lot better the longer you use it. You get to understand how much pressure to use as long you setup the app the way you want it. It’s a wonderful feeling to have to see your strokes working with your hand pressure. It made me feel that I was using a WACOM (known for very well made tablets for PCs designed specifically for drawing). Although, I can’t say that the Adonit is any better, I think on a personal experience, the WACOM is way better, but then again, I’m not using a PC. And Wacom’s own iPad Stylus has a thick head like normal styluses around. In terms of accuracy, I can’t compare this with any other stylus that I’ve seen, this stylus makes me feel that I’m actually drawing with a proper pen.
It’s an amazing stylus. I consider myself lucky to be able to get it at half the price regardless that they are coming out with the newer version. Would I recommend it? Yes I do, especially if you love to draw on your tablet. I don’t leave home without it.
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  1. Hi. I just bought the same device also for half a price. I was wondering if you know other apps where this device can function perfectly (like shortcuts and pressure sensitivity). It really bummed me when I learned that Shortcuts won’t function in ios7 devices

    • Right now, I don’t have a list of apps that works. Procreate is not working anymore, so I’ve shifted to Photoshop Touch almost exclusively for the pressure sensitivity. So far, that one works perfectly and I don’t have any issues with it even now. Last time I checked the shortcuts though, it wasn’t working. Not sure if the new iOS7 update will make any improvements. I haven’t updated to the new firmware yet since I don’t have enough free space for it.

  2. JMTY

     /  May 1, 2014

    Hi, can I ask where you bought this?

    • JMTY

       /  May 1, 2014

      Sorry, I skimmed the post, I’ll be checking again at digital walker if they have the newer one!

      • I checked recently, but the places I went to still sells the old models. I am looking for the newer ones. RIght now, only Photoshop Touch is the only app working with the original Adonit Jot Touch. All the other apps are not responsive with it anymore.

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