Apple to start banning apps with social sharing


Apple is very strict in terms of apps that will be distributed on iTunes app store. To hear that they plan to ban/remove apps with social functions and display video that promotes other apps, in-game credits and more.

With these new rules, this will highly affect a lot of Apple developers. Majority of the apps in the iTunes store uses one tactic or the other to get people to promote their facebook page or buy one of their other products and such. Actually, this has been the norm especially with apps that are primarily used for marketing. I’ve been there, I know. A lot of the app developers especially the start ups, mainly use this system to get noticed, to get a lot of traffic since that is what is important to them.

Once this starts, what will happen to the apps? Will it just be gone one day? Because of this, I presume a lot of the developers will feel that that moving the Android or Microsoft might be a better option to martket themselves instead of going through Apple.

Personally, I do think this will clean up the iTunes store with better apps, but at the same time, I think this can be a bad decision too since it will turn off a lot of the indie developers and even advertising groups, considering, most of the free games that we get use these features that we almost take for granted.

All the games like Farmville, Candy Crush, Small City and every game that requires Facebook to get more lives, or special items will be gone… imagine that. It really might kill the free to play that we get a lot lately from Apple games lately.

[via Engadget ]

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