Final Fantasy VII G-Bike Trailer

For some reason, I am actually looking forward for this. The game is based on a short segment of Final Fantasy VII which was so short that it never repeated again in the game, but at the same time, it was one of the most exciting things that ever happened while I was playing it. It seems like a nice spin off, but it does make people wonder why Square Enix won’t release a new full remake while they keep on teasing gamers of spin offs like Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus and more. Also, giving us animated movies like Advent Children and Last Order.

What’s interesting with this game is that, it’s not going to be released on consoles but for mobile. What mobile though, is unsure. Since mobile devices keep turning up new and faster devices, even faster than computers these days, I’m just hoping it runs on whatever device I have when it’s released.

Yes, Final Fanatasy VII had been re-released for the PC via Steam last year, but it’s not the same. Ever since they got everyone excited with the release of the PS3 technical demo trailer that was released in 2005, almost everybody wanted it to an actual game. Somehow, it feels like we are just getting crumbs of it.

I miss the original music though. I always have enjoyed that.

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