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I just downloaded this game called Super Awesome Quest by Boomzap Entertainment. It’s an interesting mix of RPG, Fighting Game, Card Game. I reminded me a lot of Puzzle Quest, but that is a Match-Three Game with an RPG element. I’ve been familiar with Boomzap for quite a while now, I’ve known some of the developers too that came from the original Anino Entertainment team who worked on Anito: Defend A Land Enraged (I still have a signed box by the team). I’ve been very familiar with their work on Boomzap since they have been very popular with Hidden Object games published by BigFish Games. So it’s a good refreshing to see them make a new game that’s completely different from what they are used to make.

I installed the game on my Flare 2X, and it seems that it’s working quite nicely too. The interface seems that it was designed to be played on a mobile phone, since I was able to play the game just using one hand.

The game starts you off as a Paladin. So it starts with a basic RPG character, but what’s interesting is that you don’t fight like most RPGs where you have to choose a selection of moves. Here, you start with a random selection of moves which is represented as blocks and are displayed on a grid. Select one, and it opens up another set of random moves. Moves can vary like a normal attack, a critical, defensive moves and such. It can vary depending on your character. The grid can reset if a reset block is offered as a move, or it automatically resets when you run out of moves. So, there is always a move. You always see the action on the top section of the screen. Every block you select, makes an immediate action that is shown by your avatar. After a fight, you automatically receive items, but most of the time, you don’t just pick up items you can immediately use. It’s more encouraged that you combine items you pick up to make equipment that you can use.

I do have a problem with the inventory and crafting system though. It’s not pretty straight forward based on my experience. It definitely feels that it could have been better. I’m not sure if the game is inspired from Minecraft in terms of crafting, since you need certain elements to make new elements before you can make certain items. And if you needed an item you already processed to a new element, you have to hope to get those items along the way since you have no way to reverse the process.

It does seem that that it’s encouraged that you do upgrade/craft your items or you level up to progress. Either way, there is always a way to progress. The easiest way is just to level up, but it can feel like a big grind if you don’t take time to understand the crafting system. You can keep gaining experience points, even if you loose a fight, so there is no reason why you can’t improve your game over time.

The map system is something that bother’s me though, but I suppose there is no way around it. The map system is very similar to Puzzle Quest 2, or even Candy Crush. there are points in the map and you can only progress if you finish an area. But I do suppose I just miss the freedom of most console games have in terms of the map system, but this is mostly a card fighting game, not a full fledged RPG. You get around that part, and I think you’ll really enjoy the game.

The game is quite interesting and it got me engaged quite early on. The reason for me actually enjoying the game is that it’s an offline game, and it’s something I can do really quick if I wanted to. Most games these days do require you some internet connection or some period of your time. You think a Match-Three game like Candy Crush is a quick game? I’ve seen my wife play that game for long periods of time, especially when she found some levels works almost endlessly.

I do suggest you guys try it out, especially it’s a free game with in-game purchasing for money or XP. Don’t worry, it doesn’t feel that buying anything with real money is forced upon you. You can just keep on playing the game without anything to worry about.

The latest update has a few new features:

  • Adds a new map, The Citadel
  • New Super Selfie Booth
  • Difficulty and gameplay tweaks.
  • Improvements to the pets. Several new pets added
  • Lots of little bug fixes and updates to make the game play better

About Boomzap Entertainment:
Boomzap Entertainment is a casual game development studio headquartered in Singapore. Since its formation in 2005, Boomzap has developed and released over 35 titles on various platforms such as PC, Mac, Wii, iPad, iPhone and Android. These include #1 top selling, critically acclaimed franchises such as the Awakening, Dana Knightstone, Otherworld, Antique Road Trip and Jewels of Cleopatra games.

About Super Awesome Quest:
Follow the adventures of Greg the Paladin and his friends on their quest for honor, riches, and super awesomeness by fighting the hordes of the Undead Army, crafty kobolds, nefarious bounty hunters, dangerous dragons – and more – through an innovative token-flipping combat system.

Unlock new playable characters as you go through the story.
Personalize your heroes with over 200 items and customization options.
Fight and loot over 100 unique enemies in an ever expanding world.
Make your own epic gear through an in-depth crafting system.
Battle your way through the Awesome Arena – a non-stop survival mode for awesome rewards and bragging rights.
Connect to Facebook and compare your progress against your friends’.
Earn awesome rewards by playing daily.

Google Play Download Page:
App Store Download Page:

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