Currently Watching: Star Wars – A New Hope Revisited


I just saw Star Wars again, but for the first time. I watched a fan edited version, made by Adywan. The first time I saw this version, I was fascinated that the movie felt natural. Nothing out of the ordinary, but then again, it felt cleaner. The rough edges that can be seen in the original versions is pretty much gone.

There are a lot of elements that made it feel like a better film. A lot of the scenes are cleaned up which is the obvious part, there were also a lot of color corrections, to make it look more vibrant or consistent. George Lucas likes to cram a lot of things on screen, but here, most of those shots that felt crammed, were cleaned up. But not all of them, Adywan still kept some parts intact that made sense to the scene. He just made sure that it’s not too much.


The conversation between Obi-wan and Like while in Obi-wan’s home was edited to make the conversation more fluid and natural. The fight scene between Obi-wan and Darth Vader seems faster and longer, he also removed some of the sluggish movement that can be seen in the original version. All the lightsaber effects were redone. He also included music from Episode III just to mirror the fight between them, it gives a better continuity.

During space battle scenes, Adywan made sure that scene by scene makes more sense that before. Most of the special effects were redone, made sure that the background were consistent with the scene. What was amazing is that they even added more ships especially near the end of the movie in which there is a big battle between the rebel alliance using X-Wings and Y-Wings, while the Empire uses lots and lots of TIE-Fighters, it’s amazing to watch it all. It’s quite refreshing.


So much effort was put into this, that Adywan even used some of the audio from the radio drama to make things more clear, since radio dramas put more details into their conversation than the original movie. Or sometimes they are used to fix continuity errors.

There are so many edits in the movie that I really can’t tell them all. It’s just something you have to see for yourself.


Overall, the movie is fascinating to watch, if it’s your first time to watch Star Wars, it’s a good version to start from. If you just want to watch Star Wars all over again, this version is a must see. The fan edit by Adywan feels professionally done, it somehow respects the original version too.  The movie is not distributed easily though, you can only get it through torrent sites.

Look at this comparison!!!

I do look forward to watching the Empire Strikes Back now, it seems that it’s planned to be released sometime May 2015, and since it took Adywan to work on the first movie before releasing the second one, I presume that Return of the Jedi will take a lot of time before he’ll be able to release it.

Amazing work Adywan.

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