Currently Watching: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (Episode 1)


I’ve been curious to see this TV series for a while now. I’ve been hearing about it since it’s a bit similar to the classic Thunderbirds since the show is also made by Gerry Anderson, It’s a show fully made out of marionette puppets. It’s very rare to see a film like this, the only recent one I’ve seen is Team America, which is actually inspired from Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, although Team America is purely a comedy. This TV series didn’t last too long though, it only lasted up to 32 episodes. I know there was an updated version of this show in full CG that was shown in 2005, but it’s just not the same. Somehow marionettes has that unique factor.

I just started the first episode. I haven’t seen the rest of the series though, but I do find it fascinating. Thunderbirds is all about saving the world, but in this show, it was the “earthlings” (in other words, us) who started making the trouble and made enemies to the supposed to be peaceful alien race of Mysterons.


Here’s how the first episode story goes. On the planet Mars, the Mysterons were at first trying to contact the humans, since they saw that they people are curious with the mysteries of the universe, they tried contacting us. Captain Black, the team leader who was doing a small expedition on Mars presumed the communication devices of the Mysterons were weapons, and blew the entire city of the Mysterons into dust. I wonder how dumb the captain was when I saw that.

Of course the Mysterons were pretty angry, who would not be, especially you were just trying to start a good friendly conversation and you were just punched before you can even talk. I’d be angry too. The Mysterons are now out to eliminate the entire human race. That’s basically the theme of the show.

Captain Scarlet, the main lead character is actually was possessed by the Mysterons in most of the first episode, but he was almost got killed, or whatever possessed him got killed at the end. From what I understand, he was killed by the Mysterons, and was reanimated to work as their servant, but got killed again. But somehow he healed up and now retains his human memories while retaining his reanimated body.


I find the episode interesting, since it does have a darker theme than watching Thunderbirds. You do get to see a few deaths (or near deaths) in the episode, a suicide bomber, and the idea that humans are the cause of the alien invasion is fascinating. And the main character stars out as the villain in the entire episode which also turns out to be some form of zombie. I enjoyed watching it regardless that the series was done in 1967. I am curious to watch more on my free time.

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