Gaming Thoughts: Gaming Nostalgia Through Man Crates


Nostalgia, I crave to play new games but there is always something that keeps me playing classic games. Especially now, that I do enjoy playing old games from (formerly Good Old Games). But there is always more fascinating when playing a classic game console, it gives you a feeling that you’re back in time, it’s like being a kid again. Sure, it’s still difficult to play classic games especially with most games back in the day really required skill and patience to play. But still, the games that felt difficult, but when you get the chance to finish the game, it feels amazing. It’s rare to get that feeling from games these days.


I got this email almost a month ago from Man Crates. At first I thought it might be some form of spam but as I researched about the site, I actually got interested in their service. The website is basically a gift service targeted to men. Their packages are contained in a wooden box, and you have to use a small tool to pry it open (the tool is also included). They have different packages like for fans of sports, hunting and other stuff. One of their fascinating packages is the retro gaming package, in which includes a retro gaming system (like a Nintendo Entertainment System or an SNES) that plays some classic games and some snacks. The box itself, opening it, makes you feel so manly. And once it’s opened, there is that sense of satisfaction of seeing a complete set of gifts. It even includes snacks.

It does make me think of how to get nostalgic when gaming. My ideal way to play some classic games is basically hooking up an NES or a FamiCom on a big CRTTV, turn off the lights. Insert a game like Mega Man 2 or Ninja Gaiden 2, which are pretty difficult but I enjoyed playing them and being able to finish it. To listen to the fascinating music of old 8bit systems and to watch the wonderful graphics artists were able to pull even with the limited color the NES can put to use in the day. Maybe eat a bit of chips and some soft drinks with a group of friends while trying to finish the game.


I suppose for me, those 2 games stood out from the rest because, even though it was difficult, it was manageable for me, it was not impossible to finish. Although, I have to admit that my brother, even though he’s not like a gamer like me, he’s the only one I know who can finish the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Yup, that’s not the arcade port, it’s the original RPG action game with the top down view of the city and when you get inside buildings or the sewers, it turns into a action platformer.

But I have to admit that games are better with friends. With that in mind, I love side scrolling brawlers or shooters like Double Dragon or Life Force. It’s fun to play with friends and taking turns with others so that everyone gets a chance to play. It’s how I remember playing these classic games with my siblings and cousins.


Man Crates does have something amazing to offer. Somehow their package is not just what’s inside the box, but the experience of it. Which is more than what money can buy, in that case, these Man Crates are wonderful gifts. Of course, as gifts, it’s amazing to get these for people who know will love them. It’s a little weird to get one for yourself, but that won’t stop anyone who is nostalgic for games.

I do wonder how this service will work in the Philippines, since our customs system is ridiculously makes it almost impossible for us to enjoy stuff that are shipped coming from other countries. But if you are in the US, this is a wonderful gift to receive. Someone must really care for you.


But, in any case, if you do receive one; I can imagine that is perfect to be opened up with a group of friends around, fascinated with what in the world is in the crate.

You can look at their packages here:

All images comes from Man Crates.

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