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Pinoy Video Gamer is a game review and gadget website. My name is Edwin Francisco, a web designer and video gamer. I created Gameophilia, an online video game review website, I designed, wrote articles and reviews for it. I also worked on the first 3 issues of GamEX Magazine as the layout artist for the magazine, article manager, web designer and a writer and reviewer.

I’m also known as Vic Viper, on pinoy online forums. Why the name? Vic Viper is the name of the ship in the game series Gradius and Salamander. Although I had experience with playing games on the Apple II, Commodore Vic20 and the Atari2600, the Nintendo Family Computer or the FamiCom was what really got me into playing more games. My parents bought me and my siblings 4 games namely Contra, Castlevania, Salamander and Double Dribble. After that, video games has been very memorable. Gaming has been a big part of my life already that I did dedicate a lot of my time revolving around it. Trying to get jobs into gaming even before gaming was a possible future. The result of this desperation was starting a website called Gameophilia which focused on game reviews and news, this also gave me an opportunity to get involved as an early beta tester for Anino Entertainment for the game Anito: Defend a Land Enraged. After this I also got an opportunity to attend events starting from UGotGame 2004. We attended several events after that, but unfortunate situations has led us to disband the Gameophilia group by 2005. I continued working on Gameophilia as a blog site, and because of this I was hired to work on GamEX Magazine, working many positions just to make the magazine work. After less than a year, we have produced a couple of issues. After working on the magazine, I still wanted to work on a game related job which led me to Gamehopper in 2008.

At the end of 2011, Gamehopper quietly shut down it’s doors. Me and my wife started a baking business which is a far cry from video games, but this didn’t stop us from being involved with games even with pastries. We are now operating Captain’s Mix & Magic which specializes with custom made cakes. We’ve made several cakes already and we got noticed more because of the God of War inspired cake we made called “Temple of Fates“, all because a fan posted our cake process on 9gag. We are still making unusual cakes and we love it. We both can’t wait for another game related cake.

I still keep on gaming.

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