About Edwin

My other projects:

  1. Logo Design:
    Conti’s Pastry and Restaurant
    JBE Human Providers
    Starken Sthal Industries
    Date On A Tissue
    Aqua Del Luna
  2. Graphic Design and Layout:
    Conti’s Pastry and Restarurant (Greenhills branch)
    Human La Sallian Star
    Spin Sugar
  3. Image Cleaning and Coloring:
    Velocity Made Good
    FVT Corporation
  4. ID Design:
    FVT Corporation
    Gamehopper Inc.
    SoniCards Inc.
    Captain’s Mix and Magic
  5. Web Development:
    Captain’s Mix and Magic
    Gamehopper Inc
    Gamehopper Store (GH-Store)
    FVT Corporation
    iGBL Inc
    Above and Beyond Duty (GuildWars Guild)
    BigWebStudio Inc
    Axti Internet / Axcess Technologies
    National Broadcasting Network / People’s Television Network
    Wilcon Home Builder’s Supply
    Parman Inc
    Otaku Anime Magazine (Unreleased)
    GamEX Magazine
    M4K (Magazine for Kids)
    GXCon 2007
    Gameophilia Networks
    Thousand Oaks
    Angelissimo Industries
    Victory Campus Ministry
    Stronghold Insurance
    Investment Relations Office Philippines
    ESPN Philippines (Unreleased)
    Channel V Philippines (Unreleased)
  6. Magazine Layout:
    GamEX Magazine
    Otaku Anime Magazine
    M4K (Magazine for Kids)
    DC Superheroes (PSICOM)
    Philippine Hobbyist Magazine Cover (Unreleased)
    Our Lady of Unity 10th Anniversary Book and Calendar (2000)
    Pollution Control Association of the Philippines Inc Annual Book (1997-1999)
  7. Brochure/DVD:
    Paranaque Development Foundation Inc
    Gamehopper Inc 
  8. Writer:
    GamEX Magazine

Work Positions:

  • BigWebStudio
    – Corporate Secretary
    – Senior Web Designer)
  • Axti Internet / Axcess Technologies
    – Senior Web Designer
  • Gamehopper Inc
    – Senior Web Designer
    – Operations Manager)
  • Otaku Anime Group/PSICOM Publishing
    – Web Designer
    – Graphic Artist
    – Senior Writer for GamEX Magazine
  • Gameophilia / PinoyVideoGamer
    – Creator
    – Web Designer
    – Graphic Artist
  • Captain’s Mix and Magic
    – Web Designer
    – Online Marketing
    – Cake Designer (Airbrush Artist and Cricut Operator)
  • Komikasi Enterprise
    – Account Officer
    – Project Manager
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