Introducing the Nintendo 2DS

Well, some people did ask for this, although at some extent it is strange. (more…)


Currently Playing Updates

Nothing specific at this time, I’m just playing a couple of games on the PS3 but I haven’t focused on a specific game yet. On one hand I’m trying to play Bulletstorm from Epic Games/EA which is just a lot of visceral first person action, on the other hand I’m also trying to get back into Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion from Bethesda Game Studios.


DS Screen Problem

I wanted to see if I can still play some Nintendo DS games, but I discovered that the resistive screen has some problems already. I tried playing some Professor Layton, started a puzzle and went straight to the “memo” option and I tried to draw a grid. I noticed that there were areas that the system doesn’t recognize anymore, which makes some games almost impossible to play.


DSiWare specific to System, not the user

Nintendo just confirmed it. If you bought games from the Nintendo online store for DSiWare games, it’s just there forever on the system with no way to transfer it to another. What are the problems with this? (more…)

An all new DS coming your way… wait… its 3DS

What is this 3DS we’re hearing about? 3D on a DS? What is Nintendo up to now? (more…)

What’s with the new Nintendo DSi

The new Nintendo DSi is out in Japan. I have no doubt that it will come out here in the Philippines very soon. It has new features that will gain some attention, like the camera and the SD card slot. But what do I think of it?


Currently Playing: Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS)

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

As the title suggests, I too was curious what the game is all about. A game with a bunch of puzzles is usually not as fascinating or interesting. There are a lot of puzzle games that are out there integrated to look and blend into the game, this however doesn’t even try to make the puzzles blend visually.


Console Wars 2007

So 2007 has been interesting. So many things has happened, and it’s been a roller coaster ride. Let’s start of with the hand held consoles. The DS has been very stable, nothing new to say but there are tons and tons of games coming out and there is no stopping it. Is it beating out the PSP? Not really, for the past few months before the end of 2007, the PSP has been selling like crazy. From what I hear other countries are also having good sales with the PSP, but it seems like the games are not selling as much. So what’s with the PSP? It’s a multimedia power house. More adults will be more attracted with the movie features and MP3 capability, and now it even has Skype (Internet phone) to back it up. The PSP is selling because of it’s other features, it seems like gaming is just a bonus.


Currently Playing: Contra 4 (DS)

Contra 4

I missed playing Contra and Super C. Contra was one of four of the first games I got on the NES and I couldn’t wait to play Contra 4. What I remember about Contra? The insane difficulty. This game continues on with how we remember playing the classic game. I mean, the graphics also looks like a throw back to the original side scrolling action. Visually, it looks almost like an upgrade of the first game, but it expands more on it. If you have played any of the previous games, you will notice the levels look the same too, even the bosses are too. What’s fun with the graphics? You play it using 2 screens, which makes the gaming environment wider, a gunfire from the top screen that you will eventually dodge while you’re at the bottom screen. Or you’re riding a jet ski on the top screen, while you try to attack aliens underwater from the bottom screen.