Movie Trailer: Attack on Titan Trailer 2

I was able to watch the first season of Attack on Titan, I can truly say that I have not seen anything like it. The story is set in an alternate earth where there are unknown giants called Titans, roaming around and eating people. So the people have made giant walls to protect themselves from the attacks. This story centers around a character named Eren Yeager, whom his mother dies in front of him eaten by a titan. He grows up as man and vows to fight against titans.The basic premise is simple, something that we’ve generally heard before, but when you get to see the anime (I have not read the manga), I can assure you that it is so much different.

I am excited to see this movie.


Movie Trailer: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

I’m speechless. The trailer is looking good. Seems like it is showing that a lot of people are unhappy with what happened with the destruction of Metropolis, even though there is a statue for Superman. It’s interesting to see Ben Affleck now in the trailer, and hearing his voice say “Tell me, do you bleed?… You will.”, seems like he may be able to pull of being an older and wiser Batman.

Currently Tinkering: HOOQ (Updated April 21, 2015)


Update: HOOQ has replied directly in regards to my review. I have listed the items they are currently working on below. I do look forward to the future of HOOQ. We can’t wait to watch more new and old shows and movies. We have not updated our review since the current state of HOOQ is still the same. But we will update the review once we get more updates. Thanks.

I subscribed to HOOQ recently, because I really want to see TV and movies on demand locally in the Philippines. I have a feeling that the Philippine market is desperate for this type of service, if not, I am.

My initial impressions were, that signing up was pretty easy enough. But you do have to have a Globe number, preferably postpaid, but I think prepaid should work just fine too. You’ll need to subscribe through your Globe mobile number. You should get an email confirmation and a text verification code. Once you get that, you should be able to get in quickly. I just had problems with the site a bit, since it was using Silverlight (some kind of Flash counterpart made by Microsoft). I had to use IE to get it working properly.

I was excited to see that once you are logged it, you are immediately greeted with a bunch of shows. What I noticed is that the selection was very limited. Rather than me getting excited to see the shows, I got disappointed. This is not On-Demand TV, but an archive of semi-old shows, and some of them are not even updated.

hooq2 First, I tried to look for shows that started at least a year ago, like Marvel Agents of SHIELD. That didn’t show up. I look up some more. Okay, why not a movie, why not Hunger Games, that was a little more older. That didn’t show up either. I check out Chuck, it did show up, but 2 seasons only? The show lasted for 5.

Okay, I realized the site is not for the currently updated. Okay, I consider watching some older stuff. Why not the classic Alf, nope. Fringe? 2 seasons only out of 5. Rescue 911? nope, not available too. They do have Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2, but the other Harry Potter movies are not available.

While looking through the movie list, I was surprised to see local movies. Why should I be surprised? I have no idea, I just have very little interest with local movies I suppose. But what bothered me is that the movies and TV  shows are mostly made by GMA Network, a rival of ABS-CBN. Because of that, HOOQ is showing that it seems like a one sided beast, just as the TV network rivalry that we have have locally. (ABS-CBN vs GMA, or Kapamiliya vs Kapuso). I really hate that. I hate network rivalries and actors exclusive to a specific network. So, if you are interested in watching movies or TV shows from the other network, HOOQ is not for you.

Another thing I noticed was, there were a number of Bollywood movies, Korean and Japanese movies. I think there are some Chinese movies too. I find that interesting, but I want to filter them out. Apparently, there is a terrible filter system. There were very few options. To really discover what you want, you really have to use search bar and hope you get the movie you search for.

In regards to video playback, okay, I tried watching something. I loaded up Ghostbusters. The video is okay,  in general, Remember, this is streaming video. It starts up pretty quick, but the video quality is so much worse than watching a video in YouTube. it seems like the video is designed for old crt TV sets. So, on a computer monitor or an HD ready TV, it’s a pain to watch the video, but if you just want to watch something on your spare time, it’s fine. But if you are looking for a great movie or TV experience, this is not it. They do have options for Closed Caption (subtitles), but I have not seen any of their English videos use this feature.

So, international movies and TV shows, the list is fine, not outstanding. There are some old, some new. But that’s the problem, “some”. I was disappointed because regardless of how old or new I was looking for, most of what I wanted to watch is not there. I was actually fine with the idea of this being an archive of old shows, but even that was a disappointment.

There is supposed to be a mobile app to watch HOOQ other than using a web browser. But I did have problems downloading the iPad app since my account is US based, and the app only can be downloaded if you are using an Asian account. Why am I using a US account? Because I can’t find a way to buy apps using an Asian account, while it’s easier for me to get an US iTunes prepaid card.

The website feels like a trap, because you really have no way to see if HOOQ’s web service will offer you TV or movie shows that you want when you first sign up in which you have to pay. It’s only when you sign up you discover if this service is something that you want to pay for. Considering it’s about PhP200 a month, There is no free trial period too. I presume a service like will at least offer a 30 day free trial service before you even pay anything. I don’t think it’s worth it at this time. I do hope that they improve their service soon, but without current shows or even classic ones that I am interested in, this is not their time.

Update: Peter from HOOQ sent me a reply in regards to things that they are working on.

  • On silver light, yes, we are aware of this. It’s a real pain right now and we are working to make it better
  • ABS v GMA: Actually, we are proud partners of both ABS and GMA. We are always looking to improve our catalog from both, so we note your feedback
  • WRT hollywood movies and TV, we have put a lot of time and energy into building a catalog for people who love stories and great content. We already have the largest catalog of any premium service in Asia. Having said that, we are not finished yet (in fact we are just getting started!). So, stay tuned for some exciting additions in the coming weeks and months ahead. In fact, you will get new stuff every month and we look forward to telling you about it.

Thanks Peter, now I do look forward for the future of HOOQ.

You can check out their site here.

Movie Clip: Avengers Age of Ultron (Hulkbuster – Clip 4)

We got tickets to watch the movie in theaters. We are very excited to see the movie. Especially with all the hype these days with Daredevil (TV-Series), Ant-Man, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and how everything in their cinematic universe is connected.

Movie Trailer: Ant-Man Trailer 1

Yeah, I’m trying to catch up with what I missed. Sorry for the really late post.

This trailer is looking cool too. Other than it has a lot of action, it does have some comedy too, it seems like Paul Rudd is fitting his role as Scott Lang / Ant-Man. And Corey Stoll as the Yellowjacket looks cool too.

Movie Trailer: Star Wars Teaser 2

It’s been a while… like a month since my last post. I didn’t realize that I have been that busy lately. But I know there were a ton of stuff that happened in the last month. And the latest one… the Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser 2. It keeps on getting better.

Here’s the first teaser if you want to review it.

I can’t wait for Christmas!

Movie Trailer: Pixels

A new upcoming movie, which is based on a short film featured in YouTube, by Patrick Jean. I am so curious to see this movie, but I do worry that it’s led by Adam Sandler. I’m not much of a fan of his acting but I do credit his few movies that does stand out to me, like The Wedding Singer and The Longest Yard.

Here below is the original short.

More works by Patrick Jean at his website.

Movie Trailer: Avengers: Age of Ultron (Trailer 3)

The third and latest trailer from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. The movie is looking more exciting, especially with a teaser of Vision at the end. I do wonder if Spider-Man will be showing up in the movie too.

Currently Playing: X-Wing Miniature Game


I’ve been curious to try this game for a while. I’ve always been a fan of Star Wars, and I even tried getting toys when I had the chance. Also, I’ve been playing some classic X-Wing games recently to get my fix. Now here is the X-Wing Miniature Game that I have been wanting to try for a long time. I’ve been seeing videos of this from Shup Up and Sit Down and at TableTop. Paul of HobbyPro Central was kind enough to set aside some time to teach me how to play. The game is a tactical dog fighting game with a Star Wars theme made by Fantasy Flight Games.

I am amazed with the detail of the ships. Other than it has good detailing on the small models themselves, it’s already painted, and it looks amazing. You do have an option to paint it, but it’s an option. This is not like the Warhammer tabletop games where you have to paint it.


I suppose the only problem that you can encounter with the look of the ships is that if you have a friend with you that has the same set of miniatures, it can get confusing. But that it a minor gripe, and it’s just because I like how it already looks.

Setting up the game takes a while though since we had to look through all the ship cards that are placed on the stand. These ship cards are specific to the ship, which details who is piloting the ship, shields, skills and others. I only borrowed a set, so there were a lot to go through. We did eventually find the cards we needed to start the game. With ship cards in place, we also get pilot cards.


I chose to use the Imperial ships. Regardless of how weird TIE-Fighters look like, I still find them cool. Of course, Paul used the Rebel Alliance. We had only setup on a small table, so the fight will be very quick. So I thought… We setup our placement of the ships, I start from one end, and Paul starts from the other. We can position our ships almost anywhere as long as its within small range from your end.


So the game starts by planning your moves. Pilot cards have numbers which detail on who moves first. The lower the number, moves first. Higher number moves last. You plan moves by using a move dial. This will determine if it can move forward, left or right, in high speed or in turn really quick. It can also determine if your ship will cool down or heat up depending on the move you make. You plan on your moves on the move dial and put on the table face down. What’s interesting with this first phase is that you have to plan ahead on how you want to do the attack, but you also have to second guess on what your opponent will do.


Once everyone has made their plans, it’s now time to move the ships. Players now show up all the move dials. Lowest pilot number moves first, and highest number moves last. You use a move template to guide you on how far your ship has moved. If a ship collides with a ship or asteroid, they loose a move turn on the next turn.

Ships have moved, now its time to attack. Pilot number who has the higher value attacks first. Now you attack based on an angle that is shown on the ship card. You also use a kind of ruler that measures your hit range. Once you can determine if you can make a proper hit without anything blocking your line of sight, you use a number of attack dice determined by the ship card and your ruler. The shorter the range, the more dice that you can use. Attack dice has options to do a critical attack, a regular attack, miss or focus. Right after a ship attacks, the defender must roll a defender dice, to determine of they were able to dodge or take the hit. Focus on the other hand gives them the ability to use a special set of skills, like twisting around, or using force powers, depending on your ship and pilot skills.


And once all the ships have attacked, it starts again with the planning phase.

The game was a lot of fun and exciting. Especially when the dog fighting starts. Although I do have to admit that starting with the basic set is very minimal because you start with only 2 TIE-Fighters and 1 X-Wing.It’s so basic that the dog fight is not that interesting to play. But if you play with a lot of ships, I started out with 4 TIE-Fighters and a TIE Advance on my first game. The more ships you have with the game, the better it gets. And when I played, I can almost image how it was all looking if I was the pilot of the ship, sound effects included.

Paul suggested, at least get 2 core sets when starting out.

Oh, by the way, they also have an app that does the dice roll and with added sound effects too. If I get the game for myself, I might not be able to stop myself from getting the app too, just for the fun of the special effects.

Special thanks to Paul Domingo of HobbtPro Central for teaching me how to play the basics. Looking forward to play with deeper rules.

Just before you leave, you have to see this expansion set of the game, the Tentative IV CR90. Here’s a review from Tom Strong Reviews.

Some images in this article come directly from Fantasy Flight Games.

Gaming News: Unreal Engine 4 is now free!

It’s one of the most successful game engines currently. So many games have come out using the Unreal Engine, it’s amazing that they are offering the game engine free of charge. Epic Games created the game engine which is highly portable to any device, The engine itself is practically new, with very famous upcoming games already using the engine like Kingdom Hearts 3, Tekken 7, Street Fighter 5, Eve Valkyrie and more.

They only ask a very little thing; which is 5% of your revenue once you reach $3,000 or higher. And considering they only get revenue once you reach a high level of sale, I think that’s a win win situation.

The engine can be used for education, business, making games and what ever you want to do with it.

This is a high contender for Unity since they also offered their older engine for free too. But Unreal Engine 4 has an advantage that it is an upcoming high end engine. Another competitive engine is CryEngine, they do have a subscription system which is relatively affordable (which is at around $10, currently around an estimated PhP450 a month).


The video below shows a developed scene in 3 hours made out of pre-made assets using Unreal Engine 4.

This is an interesting time to be a game developer.

Check out the Unreal Engine announcement page. Learn more about Unreal Engine here.