Gaming News: King’s Quest “The Vision” Behind the Scenes

It’s been a while since we least heard of King’s Quest, good news that there is an update via a behind the scenes video.

The original King’s Quest has been an inspiration to so many gamers and game developers. It came out at a time that video games on the PC were so in the early stages of PC games. I remember playing this on a green monochrome monitor. Using a piece of graphing paper to track all my movements in the land of Daventry.  I’m so excited to see the new game, it’s about time. I wonder if Wing Commander and Ultima will ever come back.

If you are not familiar with King’s Quest, you can check out the original game here.


Currently Playing: Call of Duty Black Ops

I’ve played a lot of Call of Duty games, and I’m curious with how Treyarch will handle the series after Infinity Ward lost most of the staff. Treyarch always fell a tad behind the popular game developer. Infinity Ward always worked on the original series and started the Modern Warfare series, while Treyarch did the ones inbetween to fill in the gaps inbetween developments of the games. This gave Activision the opportunity to release a game for almost every year because they had 2 developers working on a single franchise. Black Ops is the first game that Treyarch removed itself from the World War 2 scenario.